Personal Loan

Introducing our exceptional service: Personal Loans. At our company, we understand that life can present unexpected financial challenges. That’s why we offer personalized loan solutions to help you overcome any hurdles and achieve your goals. Whether you’re planning a dream vacation, consolidating debts, or covering emergency expenses, our Personal Loans are designed to provide you with the flexibility and financial support you need. 

With competitive interest rates, flexible repayment options, and a hassle-free application process, obtaining the funds you require has never been easier.

  • Borrow up to six times of your monthly income
  • Repay comfortably, 6-12 months terms
  • Rate of interest only 1-4% monthly

Steps to apply for a loan

Submit request form

Visit the office

Our loan officer will listen to your loan request. He/ she will explain you the terms & conditions of the loan for your understanding

Signing the loan agreement

Once you agree with the loan amount, terms & conditions, our loan officer will help you to sign the agreement

Get your Loan

Once a contract is signed, you will receive the loan immediately.

Eligibility to take loan for Singapore citizen and PR


NRIC or any other Identity card

The key to your identification and official documentation, providing proof of your unique identity and personal information.

Residential proof

Utility bill, a letter addressed to you, and/or tenancy agreement.

Employment proof

Certificate of employment or last 3 months payslips.