Do you have to take an unexpected trip? Computer crashed and need a new one? Or perhaps a medical emergency expense? Personal loans come in handy when you need cash urgently. They can be unsecured loans or secured loans.


Payday loans are designed to help the borrower get funds immediately until their salary or payday comes. Sometimes unexpected expenses pop up before you get your salary and payday loans offer a solution that ensures you don't carry excessive debt over to the next month. As the name indicates, the amount loaned is dependent on your salary and you will need some type of proof of your earnings.


Foreigner loans are for non-residents who are in need of monetary support. They come in handy in situations where you might be bringing your family to a new country and you need money to help with the transition. In some cases you won’t have to put up any collateral but do expect to pay a higher interest rate. You will need a local address and proof of employment before you apply.


Business loans help to fund expansion plans, day-to-day operations, investment in or buying new equipment for your business. A business loan will let you concentrate on the core operations without having financial worries. Since business loans involve large sums of money, they are more complicated and take longer to process, so factor this into your decision to get a business loan.


Bridging loans provide financial fluidity when a homeowner is going to sell his property and the loan amount is based on a percentage of the final sale price of the property. Bridging loans come in handy when the owner might need to renovate or make improvements to the current dwelling or move into another house prior to the current house being sold.