How do I apply for a loan?
Please apply online or walk in to our Fast Money office. Simply complete our application form online and bring us your supporting documents when your application is approve.

Please go to Contact Us or Apply Now to apply online.
*Applicants must be 21 years old and above.
What are the documents require?
  • NRIC (Original) or Passport
  • Phone bill OR Singapore power service bill
  • For salaried individuals - latest computerized monthly pay slip OR 15 months CPF statement OR Income Tax Statement
  • For self-employed individuals - Past 2 years Income Tax Statements

  • Original Valid Employment Pass
  • Original Passport
  • Tenancy Agreement for your rental Premise, PUB Bill or Hand phone Bill
  • Appointment Letter from your Company
  • Latest 3 Months Pay slip
  • Bank Statement which your company bank in your salary
How long does it take to get a loan?
Filling out an application can take as little as five minutes. Our representative will contact you once the application is approved by the next working day. All and all, most loans do not exceed 48 hours in total.
How do I know whether my loan is approved?
Our officer will contact you within one working day.
What if I do not have enough money to return the loan?
If, for any reasons clients do not have enough money to pay back their loan on time, they must simply contact Credit 89 to work out an extension plan. It is imperative to do this before the loan is due. However, extension plans come with additional fees.
How do I get a loan extension?
Extensions and Refinancing plans need to be done through Fast Money. You have to call our hotline for an extension. We will then follow up with information about approval, cancellations, payments, and extensions. Just remember to always contact our company and get an extension plan before the loan is due. If not a late payment fees is applicable.
Are there any other fees involved if I pay out my account early?
NO, Credit89 has NO hidden fees and charges, and there is no penalty for early payment.
Can I reloan after I paid off my loan?
Yes, we will grant you another loan provided that you are eligible at time of application subject to the rules and regulations of the moneylender acts.
For other enquires.
Contact us directly by filling up the Contact us form and submit your questions. If not, you may call us at 6398 0909 .